thar0151Pakistan is paying half of the import bill through remittances and therefore this sector should be given extra attention.

Overseas remittances play an important role in boosting forex reserve and balancing trade deficit therefore steps must be taken to ensure its continued flow.

Remittances have gone down in the first five months of this fiscal year which should be noticed and steps should be taken to stem the fall.

Government if it has time should ensure growth in remittances though various initiatives including finding new markets.

Improvement in the existing system to encourage remittances is need of the hour which will strengthen forex reserves and help national development.

Pakistan received 65 percent of the money from Middle East while the rest of the money comes from USA, UK and other countries.

Brexit and developments in America can have a negative impact on the remittances for which we should start finding solutions.


The sliding oil prices had destabilised the budgets of oil producing nations compelling them to cut development expenditures which damaged inflow of remittances but now oil prices are climbing which will result in increased remittances, he said.


Stable oil prices will stabilise oil producing countries triggering demand for labour while it will result in budgetary problems for the oil importing countries, he said.