Madam  you are one of the most intelligent analysts do u think limitation of 3 attempts for CSS should have also been relaxed at the time when through a single notification the present govt increased age limit from 28 yrs to 30 yrs.

So many aspirants could not get benefited by the increase in age limit because they prior to reaching the age of 28 had attempted CSS thrice.

As there are so many Pakistanis who qualify CSS exam but each time either due to limited number of seats or due to quota system they do not get allocated in any occupational group.

Madam do u agree that the government should open CSS exam for all Pakistanis as it is a competitive exam. Restrictions of age limit and number of attempts should be eliminated as early as possible.

All Pakistanis up to the age of 35 with at least Masters degree should be allowed to appear in CSS as many times as they CAN

Instead of stopping competent youth from competing in the CSS exam on the basis that ‘you are one day older than 30 years of age’ or ‘you have attempted already 3 times the exam, what will you do in a 4th attempt’ the Examination itself (syllabi & subjects) should be made a sound criterion. So that even if someone at the age of 33 is competent enough that he or she qualifies the Examination should be made apart of civil services.

Madam  please do something for those Pakistanis who really want to serve our land by becoming a part of civil services