by Yasmeen Aftab Ali Advocate

The son of Pinky Peerni is reported to have shifted into Bani Gala as elections are approaching and many are seeking electoral seats/party tickets from PTI.

It is being said that this son of Peerni was taking millions from aspiring contestants as BRIBE, and his mother Pinky Peerni was convincing Imran Khan to give them party tickets to stand in elections claiming they would win as she has been getting visions about it.

Imran Khan was made aware of Peerni’s son’s dubious activities by his close aides. Eventually Imran Khan demanded the son leave.

As a result for now the Peerni has left home, No divorced filed as yet.

Initially Imran Khan sought HELP from his sisters to move into Bani Gala so the Peerni’s son would leave but the boy making millions did not budge from Bani Gala. On the other hand the Peerni wanted Imran’s sisters to leave.

After a huge fight between Peerni and Imran, Pinky Peerni walked out with her son for now.

Sources close to Imran Khan claim the Ex-husband of Peerni is also very active behind the scene with Ex-wife and sons in minting money via PTI and Imran Khan. Unfortunate yet again Imran Khan has landed himself in a huge mess and that to before the elections.