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Taliban was not Motivated to Kill Benazir

Musharraf is their bigger enemy who assisted the americans against them with tremendous logistical support.

Her brother was killed in Karachi by the MQM. They are the most callous, irreligious, and secular hardened killers, with no compassion just like Musharraf. For example, who killed the registrar of the supreme court, Hamid Raza execution style ?

They are bonded to Musharraf by the Mohajir blood.

 Musharraf is a stooge of America. His ONLY son in there and so are his brothers. He trusts them. He is being tutored personally by Negroponte. CIA provides free consulting to him and Negroponte  personally tutors him. Ponte went there to tutor Musharraf on how to handle the JUDICIARY in a machiavellian fashion, by inflicting a mortal disabling wound , and that is exactly what Mush did.
 According to the brainy NEOCONS, from the Ashkenazi or KHAZAR tribe of Central Asia, the wise and learned authors of the protocols of the learned elders of zion, the loyal servants of the King and Banker Rothschild, one of whom Mikhail Khodorkovsky who looted the biggest of Russian oil and was nabbed like a rat by Honorable Vladimir Putin of
> Motherland Russia and the Fatherland, and also the master conspirators of the Russian revolution and the establishment of the state of Israel (An Illustrious Resume of ACHIEVEMENTS):

 This is the way to handle an islamic nuclear country by making it crumble from inside by putting a militant minority of biharis (who were the back-stabbers to their very neighbors and muslim brothers, the bengalis in 1971 on the basis of language and ethnicity) like the  Kallu Mush, on top of the majority in the country. Being cornered, they will heartily and mightily fight and destroy each other with wanton and abandon.

13 thoughts on “Taliban was not Motivated to Kill Benazir

  1. To me:

    Musharaf’s eight years were more or less, the best Pakistan has seen after Ayub Khan’s ten. To me again; Army, Lawyers, Intelegencia, Police; and whatever, of Pakistan; are us – me and you – our sons, daughters and brothers. Do not ever say; now, we have democracy or whatever. Say, now we have more of us, clad different. These clowns will take us to cleaners – all of you just watch! My problem with them is – they are screwing us – & nobody is watching over them.

  2. I think Murtaza Bhutto was not assassinated by the MQM thugs.He was killed by the ISI;the nortorious spy agency excerise beyond the state power. As far as the tragic death of BB is concerned,certaily,and surely Musharraf is the prime archtect behind. There is no dout in my mind that Musharraf and his thug,guda and badmash generals planned carefully to eliminated her in order to spread terror and fear. And the Neo-cons have a special agenda to fund and help the blood thirsty generals to get the job done.

  3. pakistan should be liberal democratic country,as quaidazam said that,you are free to go your temples,mosques or any other place of worship,so it clearly indicates that he never wanted pakistan to be in hands of extremists.

  4. Why Pakistan is bleeding? It is the result of Pakistan’s killing and spilling of the blood of innocent prople – the minorities, the Hindus, Christians and Budhhists. Every day, the minorities are suffering and their cries reach heaven. The earth itself is trempling due to the continuous flowing of innocent blood. Pakistan will suffer until they accept the Prince of Peace and welcome Him. He is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

  5. Benazir was killed by CIA and AA Zardari not only knows this, but was fully involved in it.

    Prasad, this is not “happening” due to religious mis-statements, this is happening because US wants it this way, however being Muslims we revere Jesus Christ pbuh more that Christians.

    And be rest assured that ‘nothing is happening to Minorities of Pakistan’…

  6. Sher Ali, Murtaza Bhutto was slain by the Police on behalf of Asif Ali Zardari, as claimed by Fatima Bhutto in her book Songs of Blood and Sword….

  7. rehman malik and the other three men who involved the killing of the benazire w.h nayak and two other ?
    rehman malik is the working in pakistan for amercian force he .
    he helped the netoo force. the next killing in pakistan bhawal bhutto zardri. this is the hundred % right. zardri works for iran. next phir.

  8. Hamara gawon ma road nahi ha road ma ek skim lagi thi magar thakidar ki taraf sa koh responc nahi mila pani k lia pipe line naì hai konslar na koi khas tavja nahi dia es klia meri awam aur hukamat sa apeel ha ki es pr hamari madad ki jaya .art shar muhammad

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