Zardari from the Persian compound meaning “Holder of Money” or “Wealthy”, is a Sindhi speaking tribe of Baloch origin also known as Sindhi Baloch.

Historically Zardari tribe was settled in the province of Sindh from Balochistan. Over the years the Zardari tribe gradually lost their native language “Balochi” and adopted Sindhi as their first language.

Some of the Zardari tribe are bilingual speak both Balochi and Sindhi especially those who resides in the provinceof Sindh. It is estimated almost 40% of Sindhis of Pakistan are of Baloch origin. The Zardaris are largely Shia Muslims.

Hakim Ali Zardari was born in 1930. He is a landlord and agriculturist of Nawabshah District. His father’s name is Muhammad Hussain Zardari. His grand father’s name is Sajawal Khan Zardari.

His grand father Sajawal Zardari was also in politics in the period of British rule over PakIndia. Hakim Ali Zardari also took part in politics and was elected as Member District Council Nawabshah in the start of his political career. He was elected as Member National Assembly (MNA) on PPP ticket from in General Election 1970. He resigned from PPP due to differences from some party office bearers and joined Awami National Party (ANP).

He contested in non-party based General Election 1985 in the period of General Ziaul Haq but he could not succeed.

Hakim Ali Zardari started his political career in 1965 when he was elected as the member of District Council Nawabshah and later elected as the Vice President of the Divisional Council. During the period he played key role in the development of Nawabshah and the people of the city still remembered his services in this respect.

After Bhutto’s death, Zardari had a rift with the local leadership of PPP and left the party to join the National Democratic Party (NDP), an off shoot of the National Awami Party that had been banned by the government. Because of his good relations with Wali Khan, he was made the president of NDP. The party was subsequently restructured under the name of Awami National Party.

During Presidential Election 1965, Hakim Ali Zardari supported Fatima Jinnah against the then President Ayub Khan and after termination of the latter’s government, he joined PPP in 1970 as one of its founder members. He was elected as the President of Zardari tribe in a convention held in Latif Hall Nawabshah the same year.